Play, Earn Big, and Own the Future: Secure Your Spot in the EXS Token Pre-Launch Whitelist!

EX Sports
3 min readMar 20, 2024


Calling all sports fans and crypto enthusiasts! EX Sports is offering an exclusive opportunity to secure your spot in their pre-launch whitelist for a showstopping giveaway of 1 million EXS tokens before their official launch. This isn’t your typical “engage-to-earn” giveaway. EX Sports is offering four distinct ways to earn, each showcasing the unique utility of their revolutionary Web3 platform:

  1. Play-to-Earn: Take center stage and dominate the pitch in Urbanball, the world’s first play-and-earn street football game. Or, strategize your way to victory in Al Hejin, the first-ever play-and-earn camel racing mobile game. Earn EXS tokens while you play, compete in tournaments, and climb the leaderboards!
  2. Watch-to-Earn: Become a true fan by buying official athlete NFTs. Not only will you gain exclusive access to live-streamed events, but you’ll also earn EXS tokens when they win real-life competitions! Cheer on your heroes and share in their triumphs on a whole new level.
  3. Buy-to-Earn: Support the EX Sports ecosystem and earn EXS tokens by purchasing official Urbanball or Al Hejin NFTs. The higher the rarity of your NFT, the greater the EXS rewards you’ll receive.
  4. Engage-to-Earn: Be an active member of the thriving EX Sports community. Follow them on social media and participate in exciting contests, AMAs, and more. Your passion for sports and engagement can earn you valuable EXS tokens.

Reward Distribution: All users who become eligible for EXS Tokens through the pre-launch whitelist will have temporary credits added to their accounts upon the conclusion of the giveaway. These temporary credits will be automatically converted into EXS tokens and directly deposited into your wallet once the token is officially launched.

With EX Sports, you can play, watch, engage, and earn, all within a revolutionary Web3 mobile app.

Here’s what makes EX Sports unique:

  • Multiple ways to earn: EX Sports offers diverse participation options, catering to various interests within the sports and crypto communities.
  • Play the games you love: Experience the adrenaline of competition and earn rewards while enjoying innovative mobile games like Urbanball and Al Hejin.
  • Support your heroes: Own official athlete NFTs, gain exclusive access to live events, and share in your favorite athletes’ victories through the Watch-to-Earn program.
  • Be rewarded for your passion: Your engagement with the EX Sports community, through social media and other activities, can translate into valuable EXS tokens.

Ready to join the EX Sports revolution and secure your spot in the pre-launch whitelist?

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About EX Sports

Founded in 2019, EX Sports is transforming the niche sports industry by harnessing innovative technologies. Leveraging its 20+ years of experience in sports promotion, the company enhances fan engagement and athlete support through creating comprehensive journeys that seamlessly integrate physical and digital experiences. Its all-encompassing app, built on the BNB Chain, serves as a central sports hub, featuring a Digital Collectibles Marketplace, unique in-house published Web3 games, and live streaming of exclusive events. Every component of the EX Sports ecosystem is interconnected, aiming to provide genuine utility, significant value, and enriching experiences for fans, athletes, and general users alike.



EX Sports

A platform for digital collectibles that covers all sports, rewards collectors with collectibles that can be freely traded with guaranteed authenticity.